Free E Book for New Mom

Becoming a parent is a big responsibility so it is equally exciting and terrifying. The most difficult part is; you will learn everything while actually doing the job first time. You will surely have tons of questions about what is right to do in any situation. Things become worse when multiple advices comes in from all sides. Realistically every new mom quickly learns the most things and more over motherhood is not something that can be planned. So the best thing is to relax and enjoy the wild and crazy ride of being a mother.

The first few months of a new mom with newborn baby are blissful as well as overwhelming. Your newborn baby has a natural rhythm in their routine. In early days’ newborn baby sleeps 16 hours or even more. But you can’t expect to sleep or rest throughout this whole time as babies sleep period is for 2-4 hours only. Newborn babies have small digestive system so they need feeding after every few hours. So they must be awakened after 4-5 hours if they don’t by themselves. At 3-6 month of age their sleep pattern changes to 6-8 hours’ cycle. So you will probably have sleepless nights for first 3,4 months as struggling with baby needs and your family responsibilities.

Mostly newborn have mixed up night and day time. So they remain more awake in night time and less in day time. This awakening at night may make you overwhelming and more tired. One thing may help that you keep lights low in night and less talk to babies. When baby awake in day time keep talking and playing to them for longer. So this will slowly change their sleep pattern to be more awake during day time.

Even though it seems difficult to handle a newborn baby but you will quickly learn everything and make a routine accordingly and will perform parenting activities like a pro. Here are some quick tips for new moms in this free eBook. It has some key points to know for new mothers specially the weight and height chart is very helpful in initial months as every mother is concerned about growth of their newborn.