Winter is the time when you look for indoor activities to keep your kids busy while staying inside. But here in Punjab cold weather is for short period. From start of February there’s a spring environment and that is the exact time to get up and go out for some real life fun. Everyone can find a good park in surroundings to spend weekends and arrange some family picnics. No matter if you have tight budget and if you are young or old. Park is a place that can be enjoyed by every age. You can take some fruits and some quick healthy snacks if you want to spent long time in park. Time spent in park is free, healthy and a real fun.

If you have a very little kids, then find any park in neighborhood or community.  Your kids will have fun with swings, see saw and monkey bars. Time spent in park will give them strength, agility and confidence. Many community parks have tennis courts and cricket areas that will give your kids fun and exposure. You can take your own football or cricket equipment if your kids enjoy playing these games. Parks have big, open wide spaces for cycling, racing and many other physical activities.

Some parks in Lahore have wild life inside like Lahore wildlife/Safari Park. You can expose your children to wonders of wild life animals along with other park activities. Capture the moments in your camera and you will enjoy these moments in future also.

Few parks often host carnivals and spring fairs. Keep searching for them and take your kids to those fairs. I can assure you that you will also love those open air events as much as your kids will. Jeelani Park Lahore hosts flower exhibitions in start of spring and they are worth visiting. There are also stalls for gardening equipment and other related items.

In today’s totally electronic artificial life many people find it difficult to spend time with their kids. You can temporarily buck this technology trend by going outside and spending some time with your kids and experiencing nature.