Bringing a baby home is a wonderful moment for new parents. The outfit a baby wears at this time does not have a big impact on this experience. However there are few things to keep in mind when deciding for your newborn coming home clothing options. A baby's comfort, weather and being practical are focus areas. Here are some key tips that will help new moms

Weather condition

Weather of your location at time of birth has a major impact in newborn baby clothes shopping. Mostly new babies are dressed with the warmth in mind as babies takes time to regulate their body temperatures according to their environment. A full sleeve dress with footed pajama or matching socks and stuff according to weather is a good choice for newborn babies. A matching hat or newborn cap is almost an essential for a newborn baby. Be sure to buy more than one hats for baby if you want to match them with your babies dresses.

One wrapping item is also an essential for newborn baby. It helps them carrying easily and keep them comfortably sleep during travel and shifting to home. For winter you can buy a zipper sleeping bag or a baby nest and for summer a cotton swaddle or wrapping sheet can be fine. There are also fleece sheets and flannels blankets for mid seasons.


Another factor when deciding for newborn dressing is the gender of the newborn baby. If you know the baby gender, then you will surely buy items according to that but in case you don’t know the gender than unisex items are good choice. Traditionally blue color is considered as newborn boy color and pink as newborn girl. Other than this white, black, grey, green, yellow, purple etc can be chosen if gender is unknown.

Easy off outfits

Not only as a welcoming dress but also otherwise I always prefer easy off and simple clothes for newborn babies. Dressing a baby in cute little shirt, sweater, jeans, socks, little shoes, mittens etc surely looks cute and adorable but just as you need to change their diapers you will regret this dressing choice.