There’s a variety of baby onesies/bodysuits available in market these days. They come in many styles. They can be with short or long sleeves. There many uses for these depending on style and weather requirements. Some people remain confuse about their useful ness and being practical. But once you know the ease and use some of them they will definitely like to stock up on them.

Envelop Styled Neck

The overlapping shoulders make the neck easier for baby and makes it easier for you to dress up your little one. These are safe for very little babies as their neck is not very strong.

Multiple Uses

  • Body suits can be used as an inner layer to serve as a vest;
  • as a shirt with pants, shorts or skirts;
  • they can have worn as a complete dress according to weather;
  • Equally good for hot and cold weather.
  • Single piece serves as a complete dress so easy to carry with you on short trips.

They are easily fit on diapers and conveniently open near the bottom to quickly change. They are easily washable and durable as compare to cheap vests.

Baby onesie are easily available in different colors. You can also get customized onesies from some places.

Best gift for parents

Sometimes it is very difficult to think of a gift for baby showers or newborn babies. Everything seems so obvious that parents already buy. So you can buy some onesies as they are never enough for any parent. They are used in daily routine and parents will be happy to have more of them.


Rompers are popular play wears and night wears for little babies. They are light and loose fitting. They can also be called a onesie as it is a one-piece combination of shirt and trouser.

Parents of babies under one year must be familiar with the problem of separate pant and shirt of baby. When they play while lying down the bottom of shirt rise up to the back and pants rides up to the knees. This situation is more worry during cold weather. A romper saves from this situation as the shirt is already attached with the pant.

First Year of Baby

During first few weeks of baby rompers/bodysuits are especially convenient as baby sleeps most of the time. These one-piece clothes are easy sleep wear and easy to change diapers. Dress can also be changed quickly and safely.

Baby onesies are great to use throughout the first year of baby. Having good stock of these can be a life saver during the messiness of first few months.