Online buying is not so popular in Pakistan but still we cannot deny the great benefits of buying online. It saves your time, travelling cost, trouble of shopping with kids etc. You can comfortably buy anything without leaving your home.

Although there is a list of everyday items you can buy online but this blog is specifically written in context of ready to wear kids clothing according to my personal experiences with customers. Here are some points to remember when buying on a Facebook page to avoid any possible disappointments.

Don’t be emotional

It is a common practice of famous online seller to exploit the emotions of buyer. For example, “Buy Pack of 3 beautiful shrugs in just 200”, “Buy one wrist watch and get the other one for free”, “Our best seller design is again in stock” etc. Many women tell me about the result of ordering such attractive offers. They always get wrong or useless items totally different from pictures.

Page Traffic

When you like a new page or join any buy and sell group you need to notice:

  1. Number of members or followers;
  2. Frequency of posts;
  3. Reviews of page if available, Read the worst if you find any;
  4. Comments under posts.


Talk to sales person on page about the availability or products, days to delivery, payment options, return exchange policy etc. Notice their response time also. If someone don’t have patience and time to answer these initial things how they will help you in case of any problem afterwards.

Know the Measurements

The biggest problem I always face while taking order is, people don’t know the measurements of their babies. The funniest and common response is that mothers send their baby’s picture thinking that could help me in sizing. It does not help at all.

Although exact age helps much but still babies have different growth patterns and physic. Mothers normally say they don’t have anything to take measurements. It is highly advised to buy a measuring tape if you ever want to buy ready to wear clothing online. It will save a lot of your time and you’ll get the exact size always.

In case you don’t have measuring tape you should learn to measure things using your hands. Whenever you get a chance you should measure you hand like the method told here. You can easily measure waist, lengths etc. in inches if you know how many inches your hand length and vice versa.

Ask for Informal Pictures

There is a chance that pictures shown on page are taken from internet and the seller don’t have those products with them (Unfortunately, this is very common practice in Pakistan). Ask for informal pictures of product specially if you are buying from that seller first time. Ask them to show the inner or back of dress, show the dress picture on sofa or some table so you will know that the pictures are real time.

Return Exchange Policy

No matter you confirm measurements and ask for informal pictures there can be occasional disappointments. Ask from seller whether they will return the item and what will be the cost of return.

Popular Delivering method in Pakistan is cash on delivery. Never share your credit card or account details unless you are sure about the credibility of seller or brand name.

Note down the Safe Sellers

It is better to make a list of sellers with whom you have good experience. It’s better to stick with few trust worthy people rather than trying new seller every time.